Expo 22-6-2016

I would like to thank all the family members, friends, carers and teachers for coming to our unit expo last night. It was a really fun night and I enjoyed it heaps!

We had 6 stations which were: Fitness, Cooking, Multilit, Media and Blogging, Health and lucky last was a station about the unit kids transitioning from school to work.

I was at station 5 with Katelynn doing Media and Blogging and telling our guests how to use and access our blogs and Instagram. We got the guests to participate in our blog; we helped them if there was any issues (which there were).

Overall I think the night was a success and everyone who attended got a better understanding of what we do here at Wirreanda.

Yours truly,

Alex Linn (Linny Legend)

Over and out.

Unit Expo Tomorrow Night

On Wednesday the 22nd of June Wirreanda Secondary School Unit are having our Expo! Expo is where students showcase their work to the school community and families and carers.

We are going to have a number of stations set up with staff and selected students to tell our audience about the work we do in the Unit. Some of the stations we will have are: Cooking, MultiLit, Health, Fitness, Media and Blogging and transitioning to work.

We would love to see lots of people attend our Expo. We will be here for 5:45 for a 6pm start.

Hope to see you all there!

From The Unit Expo Team

Expo and Saying Farewell to Gemma

On Tuesday night we had our final expo for the year to celebrate all our semester achievements. We again utilised the Learning Hub and had a great turnout having to add more and more chairs as the audience rolled in.


Our presentation included a celebration of our camp to Narnu, the great efforts and plenty of examples from the Truck project that the Tech group did with Jayne White, a tribute to our Kalyra work experiences plus a very special farewell to Gemma as she graduates.

We were very honoured to have Jillian from Kalyra speak to our group about our working relationship and we thank her for the continued support provided by herself and management. We also extend our gratitude to Steve and Ann for attending our expo also.

We were blown away by Gemma as she gave her own farewell speech. It was so amazing to see her brimming with confidence as we recall how shy she was when she arrived to us in 2012.  We know she will do great things and we will be sure to keep in touch and follow her journey. We are all so proud to have played a small role in her life.

Thanks again to our wonderful Unit community for supporting us throughout the year. Keep an eye on the letter box as digital copies of both expo presentations will soon arrive in the mail.

Our Expo Evening!

A packed house!
A packed house!

On Wednesday evening we held our second Expo for the year. It was a very warm evening however that didn’t stop our Unit community from coming! There was standing room only as the venue was packed – Not a spare chair in sight! There was a lot of buzz and excitement for the Expo.

This year we presented our expo in a different format. To ensure that all students were included, even the ones unable to attend, we created a movie that combined all of our different pieces of work. We used video, audio and images to share with our families and carers the events of Semester 2.

This was a great mode of sharing at it allowed us to sit with our families and carers and watch the movie together. There was a lot of laughter and excitement and a few pats on the back from impressed parents, carers and friends.

Ms McFarlane sent a prompt on edmodo for us to reflect on the night.

Ms McFarlane to Wirreanda Unit: 

Hi Everyone,

I thought the Expo was great and Mrs Golding’s idea for having a Movie Showing that we could all share with our friends and family was FABULOUS! I was wondering what you thought. Was it nice to sit as part of the crowd? What part was the best? Who do you think did a great job with their contribution to the movie? Do you think there was something that we should or could include for next time?

Here are some of our replies;

Emma G. replied:

I liked watching the movie with my carer and family. My favourite part was the camp pictures and talking. Josh’s family liked watching it as well. Josh really liked that his mum got to see his Passion Project about planes. We both think that the movie idea was a great idea and we would like to do it that way next time. Josh felt nervous when his Passion Project was shown and I was nervous and sweaty as well. I thought Sophie did a good job talking about Cleland. I can’t wait for the next expo.

Sophie T. replied:

I liked all of the movies. I didn’t like sitting in the crowd. I would like to read out a speech. I would not do anything different to my movie.

 William B. replied:

I think the movie idea was great and was much better than speaking. I think we should do the movie next time. I do not think we need to include anything else but we need to have new work in there next time.

Gemma B. replied:

It was okay to be part of the crowd. I say okay because I usually don’t like being around lots of people. Movie theaters are the only place where I don’t mind being around or part of a crowd. They relax me and make me feel more at ease since I can focus on the movie playing on the screen instead of the people surrounding me.
Olivia D. replied:

I sit next to my mum. l liked the movie. My favourite bit was LOV party.
Katelynn M. replied:

Yes I enjoyed sitting in a crowd. The movie was the best part, William was a good reader . I think it all went well.

 Alex L. replied:

I liked doing the introduction for the Expo. Ms Evans was proud of me because I didn’t have any of time to prepare.  I think Reece, Josh and Katelynn did a good job at doing their presentations. I think my best one from someone but me was Reece doing the Trans Am cars.  I like going to the expos because I enjoy talking to the crowd.

Preparing for Expo

In preparation for Expo we have all been busy finalising some of our projects and organising some special messages for some people.

We are really excited about having our family and friends join us to celebrate all the things we have been doing this semester!

Make sure you don’t miss out and be there at 530pm for some food and drinks before the entertainment begins!


What a wonderful afternoon of celebration! It was great to have our families, friends and school staff join us to witness all the learning and experiences we have been involved in this semester.  We certainly know they all enjoyed the food as there was very little left at the end of the night!

We are so very impressed with the efforts of our students in preparing for this event and in standing up in front of a room full of people to present their work.

Ms McFarlane was also very grateful for the efforts of Mrs Golding, Ms Evans, RIk and Robyn who all committed time and energy to support our students to have a successful expo.

Here are some photos from today, but stay tuned for movies and more photos in the near future!

Showing canvas art gallery to mum
Showing our canvas art gallery to Mum


Reading a diary entry from Cookie (the rabbits) perspective
Reading a diary entry from Cookie (the rabbits) perspective
A childrens picture book written by the White Rm and illustrated by our resident White room artist!
A childrens picture book written by the White Room and illustrated by our resident White Room artist!

 You can see the entire story by clicking here!

Presenting about Identity Day and a love of Cars (mainly Holdens!)
Presenting about Identity Day and a love of Cars (mainly Holdens!)




Preparing fo Expo

We have been busy preparing for our first Expo for the year.  This has meant finalising and completing the work we have each decided to share and getting our food and spaces organised.

Both yesterday and today we have spent time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food to share with our guests. We had to move furniture and tidy the classrooms to ensure we had enough space.  We also spent some time practicing together as a whole group.

crushing biscuits for lemon slice
crushing biscuits for lemon slice


Robyn cooking
Adding lemon rind to the biscuits