Blogging and Digital Literacy

Digital literacies are an extremely important part of our learning.  Utilising all the technology in the Unit means that we need to ensure we are being good digital citizens.  In our blogging groups we are learning different aspects of how we can access and share digital media and information.


We are learning how to search for images which permit reuse using Creative Commons searches.  We use this to search for content that can be freely and legally used. There are hundreds of millions of works — from songs and videos to scientific and academic material — available to the public for free and legal use under copyright licenses.

We are learning to embed videos and media into our blogs.  This requires utilising the HTML embed code which can be found on YouTube clips and other media found on the internet.

example of a embedding a YouTube clip
example of a embedding a YouTube clip

Something we are becoming very comfortable with is linking to other digital media. You can see where links have been provided because the words are underlined and are coloured blue or purple. Blue means the link has not been “clicked” and the purple means that it has been  “clicked” previously. Links allow us to provide further information on the topic.  Links can be another website, a document, a map, music or videos to name a few.

Example of providing links (in blue)
Example of providing links (in blue)

Developing these 3 skills requires students to develop understanding of how and why we need to give “credit” or “attribution”.  We have discussed that whilst we can access almost ANYTHING on the internet, this does not give us the right to just take it.  When we use images and media from the internet we need to make sure we provide information to enable it to be traced back to the original source. This is sometimes difficult but we are learning that if we can not be sure of the original then we give credit with “via”.

Being responsible digital citizens is very important and we will continue to explore ways we can be ethical and creative users.

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