This semester we have been lucky enough to participate in STEM lessons with Mr Grace. Today we did an experiment to test the electrical current travelling through different sized playdough lengths. after we had finished testing different lengths we graphed our data. Great work team!





At school every week the unit go shopping to learn how to be independent.  I like shopping because we travel on a bus to and from the shopping centre. At the shops we break into small groups with our own shopping list. We learn to buy ingredients for cooking. We look for the cheapest food to learn how to budget  this week i got to shop by myself had to buy onions garlic oreos and tomato sauce I really liked shopping by myself and hope i can try again next week.


P.E. On Wednesday’s

On Wednesday, the unit played basketball for P.E. The SSO  picked captains who then chose the 2 teams. I did lots of running. I was really puffed at the end and had to take a rest. I didn’t get any goals in but I got to pass the ball a lot to my team. I really enjoyed playing basketball with my friends. I hope we get to play it more often.



Last Week’s PE- Emma

Last Wednesday we got into small groups for PE. We decided to play basketball. We split into 2 teams. I got puffed out from playing basketball so I had a drink of  water and started playing again. An SSO helped me to shoot goals. This  made me feel happy. I started yelling with excitement when we got a goal.

Wear It Purple Day 25-8-2016

Wear It Purple Day celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and sends the message that you have the right to be proud of who you are. It is about No one should be subject to bullying, belittlement and invalidation. We believe in a world in which every young person can thrive, irrelevant of sex, sexuality or gender identity. We want rainbow young people to be safe, supported and empowered in each of their environments.

LGBTQIA stands for people that are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual.

Lesbian: A female that is attracted to females

Gay : Someone who is attracted to the same sex or gender/a male that is attracted to males

Bisexual: Someone who is attracted to both female and male.

Transgender: Somebody who is born in a body or gender they don’t identify with

Queer: A broad label for someone that identifies as LGBTQIA+

Intersex: Is somebody that doesn’t  have clear male or female hormones or genitalia

A Sexual: A lack of sexual attraction to any one.


Wirreanda is celebrating tomorrow at lunch time with live music and food near in the outside.



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Olivia cooking

The blue room kids and I cooked last Friday. We made Pizza in cooking. Katelynn and I were in a group together. Our job was to cut the onions. After we chopped them we put them into a big bowl for everyone to help themselves. I was crying  when I cut up the onions. Once all the groups had finished cutting their ingredients we got tp choose what we put on our pizza. I made 2 pizzas, 1 for Miss Williams and 1 for Miss Connor. I made 1 with meat and cheese and one without. Miss Williams and Miss Connor said that they thought the pizzas I made were delicious.